For safety, comfort and conviviality reasons, the Scaph des mers can only accept up to 9 persons on board.

On the other hand, a group of at least 6 persons is necessary for each departure, which allows a lower cost for each participant.

Regis will handle with logistics and will make the group.

If you register as a group, or if you wish book the boat for your own use with complementary fees, do not hesitate to call us. Regis will set up the trip as you want it.

In order to respect the constraints imposed to the professional fishermen, the catches will have to respect the minimum authorized length and the quantity will be limited to the reasonable consumption of a person.

Some useful advice ::

When out at sea, the weather can be cold so don’t forget to bring a jacket, trousers and closed shoes with non-slip soles.

If you fear to be sea-sick, bring either some medicines or a non-nauseous bracelet. It would be a pity to be sick and to miss this beautiful adventure.

Think of cream to avoid sun burns, lunch, and the camera which will allow you to share your adventure with your relatives, and who knows, you may have them want to follow you during your next trip.

Any person who comes on board must wear a life jacket, which will be provided when you come on board the Scaph des mers.

According to the season, you can hope fishing mackerel, mullet, weever, garfish, sea bream, bass, Pollock.

Don’t hesitate any longer, register now.

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